E-commerce in the Travel Industry
ENTER2000 - Barcelona 26 April 2000

26 of April 2000

Tutorial Chair:
Dr. Kari Aanonsen, Product Definition and Research, Systems and Distribution, Braathens Airlines, Norway Per Myrseth, Researcher, Norwegian Computing Center

The Problem:
E-commerce in the travel industry is already changing the way traditional companies are conducting their business. We see new entrants with new business models entering the scene. New concepts based on e-commerce are changing both the structure of the industry as well as the co-operation between long-time partners. In addition, the next pace of technical change, e.g., mobile services, is just happening. What are the strategic factors for success in this context, what are technical requirements?

The Objective:
The tutorial will give an introduction to e-commerce in the travel industry and an overview of the development within the industry over the last years. We will also look into the future of m-commerce based on mobile technology. The main part of the tutorial will focus on the strategic and commercial aspects, but we will also look into technical requirements. In this tutorial we will look more closely at the strategies and actions the different actors choose to build e-commerce environments and solutions. Web sales and marketing, personalization and CRM-based services, online booking and e-ticketing, Corporate booking and travel Management, demand collection, auctions, and last-minute sales, mobile and WAP services will be discussed. And we will also look into technical requirements for building e-commerce solutions in environments with first generation legacy systems, complex business routines and a number of distribution channels based on new technology. This part of the tutorial will give an introduction to technological concepts such as e-commerce architecture, XML, WAP/WML etc. We will also give a short presentation of the development within mobile technology in the next years with new broadband networks such as GPRS, UMTS and 3G. The Japanese i-mode pilot will be presented. The tutorial will focus on airlines, travel agents, new entrants and portals, GDS'es and CRS'es etc.

The Methodology:
The tutorial will consist of presentations/lectures, case studies and discussions.
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Kari Aanonsen, Braathens

Email: Kari.Aanonsen@braathens.no

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Per Myrseth, Norwegian Computing Center
Email: per.myrseth@nr.no
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