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The turnover at Nord Pool has risen slowly in the Elspot market, and since the Elspot market reflects the consumption this is a natural development.

The growth for the Eltermin market and clearing service has been very large. Optimistic viewers believe that within a few years the turnover in the financial market will be 5 times as high as in the Elspot market. Statistics from 1998 [8] show that the turnover in the financial market has reached 1,5 times the Elspot market. As you can see in the Figure, the clearing service turnover has an even larger growth than the financial market.  Please note that the number for 1999 is only covering January until May.

Most of the trade in Elspot is done by EDIFACT messages, 2/3 of the trade in the Eltermin market is done by Power Click.  Reporting of bilateral trade is so fare done by use of telephone.

Bilateral trade not cleared at Nord Pool is not included in the calculations in the Figure.  And there are no good statistics available on the number, as far as I know. A rough estimate from one of my sources says that just above 50% of the bilateral trade is cleared at Nord Pool.